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Everything Is Infinite


Table of Contents

Introduction -- Life Is But A Dream...


The Day The Universe Changed

God’s Playground

Am I Hallucinating?


Part 1 -- Everything Is Infinite


Air Is Infinite 

Water Is Infinite 

Food Is Infinite

Resources Are Infinite

Creativity Is Infinite

Money Is Infinite

Energy Is Infinite 

Life Is Infinite

You Are Infinite

The Universe Is Infinite

Everything Is Infinite

Love Is Infinite

Why Is Everything Infinite?

Part 2 -- Do Nothing. Get Everything.


Do Nothing 

Get Everything

What Do You Really Want?

Everything Is Free

Everything Is Natural

You Are Already Enlightened

Life Is An Inside Job

It Is What It Is

Consciousness Is The Source

The Dark Matter of God

The Paradox of Paradox

Do It For Yourself

The Game of Life

The Purpose and Meaning of Life

The Secret of Life


In Conclusion -- “Doesn’t Matter”


What If I’m Wrong?

P.S. Love Is the Answer to All Your Stupid Questions

EPILOGUE -- How to Become God in Zero Steps

Bonus Points -- More Pointless Answers to Unanswerable Questions


Did God Create the Universe? Or Did The Universe Create God?

How Can I Change the World?

If God is Good, Why is There So Much Evil?

How Can I Trust Life?

How Can I Make Peace With Death?

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

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